Best home remedy for cold | Health tips in telugu | how to get rid of cold naturally | tulasi juice

Rainy season came. we are seeing that every one is suffering from cough and cold. every one suffering from common cold in rainy season. Mostly children are effected from common cold.
In this video i am going to share best home remedy for cold and how to get rid of cold naturally. this health tip is used to control cough and cold. To prepare this home remedy we need tusali leafs, jinger, turmeric powder, pepper and one glass water. add all the said ingredients in glass of water , boil for few minutes. filter it and drink it . Try to drink this every day morning and evening for one week get good relief from cold and cough. This tulasi juice is the best home remedy for cold. This tulasi juice is used to get rid of cold naturally. This is one of the best health tip in telugu